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Find out more about our mission, team, and partners.


Zain Bangash

Hi, I'm Zain and my motivation to start this project was due to my mom almost dying from her burn accident roughly 3 years ago. Watching her tough recovery and the pain she went through, I couldn't imagine what occurs in third world countries in which proper supplies aren't available. Furthermore, I am Pakistani and lived in Pakistan for 3 years, always wanting to give back to people who are not as fortunate in some aspect due to the excess poverty and devastation present. 


Nyel Bangash

My incentive sparked when my mom was severely burned a few years ago. She has significantly shaped who I have become today. Thus, witnessing all the procedures she went through and the setbacks the incident had on her life was not only emotionally excruciating but made me ponder how those severely burned could have coped with their recovery without the necessary tools available. I felt a newfound urge to start Survivors Project with my brother, Zain, to help support those in third-world countries who lack the resources to care for their wounds. As someone who is passionate about understanding and solving disparities in global health problems, I want to take part in the closure of medical gaps, burn interventions, and empowerment of burn survivors,

What We Do.

Raising Awareness

It’s important to stay focused on burn prevention and raise awareness about the impact burns have on millions of people. Through our platforms, we raise awareness about an often overlooked area that impacts victims entire lives.

Advancing Surgical Resources

The current lack of access to safe and affordable surgical care, including equipment and resources in healthcare facilities in third-world countries is a major limitation to access to burn care. We deliver the necessary resources to lower this gap in healthcare.

Meeting the Unmet Need

We aim to implement burn prevention strategies and address the unmet need for access to safe and affordable surgical care required to reduce the global burden of burns that still exists. 


We have partnered with the following people, organizations, and hospitals to fill the unmet need of burn victims in third-world countries. Our partnerships help to ensure equal medical care to those who need it most. 



Shafnoor School


Khanam Orphanage Lahore


Yateema Khana

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